Valid Jurnal Ilmiah is a scientific journal published twice a year (January and July) by the AMM Mataram School of Economics (formerly the Mataram Management Academy). The printed version of Valid Jurnal Ilmiah was started in April 2004 with ISSN 1829-5037.

In 2018, Valid Jurnal Ilmiah started to use the Open Journal System (OJS) platform for publication, with ISSN 2621-4954. Simultaneously with the start of using the OJS platform, Valid Jurnal Ilmiah rejuvenated the cover design and layout of the journal header. The editorial team also changed to prepare for the journal accreditation application process.

In 2019, Valid Jurnal Ilmiah began to upload printed versions of articles before the use of the OJS platform so that in the journal archives, it appears that there are 2 (two) different cover designs. Since August 2019, to be precise, based on the Decree of the Director-General of Strengthening Research and Development of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 23/E/KPT/2019, dated August 8, 2019, Valid Jurnal Ilmiah have been Accredited Rank 4 (SINTA 4).

In 2021. Based on the results of a meeting with the entire editorial team/editor of Valid Jurnal Ilmiah to address the BKD Reporting Policy each semester, Valid Jurnal Ilmiah has changed its publication schedule, which was initially every January and July, to be published every JUNE and DECEMBER. This decision shall come into force as of Volume 19 Number 1 or its publication in December 2021.